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Flightware Solutions has over 25 years of experience in developing innovative software and hardware solutions for restaurants and the hospitality industry, as well as the general retail and wholesale distribution industry.

Over these years, Flightware Solutions has developed a great understanding of how various businesses operate, and has leveraged that knowledge by developing point of sale and inventory management software that solves many of the challenges business operators face.  These solutions delight business owners as they find that they can save time and increase productivity as the software automates various day-to-day operations, and provides the numbers and other business data they need to manage and improve their operations.

Available modules include Point of Sale Software, Inventory Management Software (also available in a tablet version), E-Commerce and website solutions, web tools and real-time analytics available safely through the cloud.  Assistance is also available with social media, search engine optimization, and digital marketing solutions.

Additionally, the company has developed a special expertise in many different computer languages and platforms, and now offers various computer software consulting services, including special projects to transfer or translate programs written in older languages to newer modern ones, without losing the business logic and functionality of the older programs.