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My SONIC Stats

Flightware's new My SONIC® Stats is a website that tracks the information managers need most from their stores. The site may be accessed from any device with Internet access including smartphones, tablets, and all other computers. Managers can see who is clocked in at any time. It also provides the average time, enabling managers to keep a closer eye on the store.

Benefits to Managers:

  • Real time information; allows for adjustments to maximize profitability
  • Displays employees that are clocked in. Managers away from the store have the ability to manage and make adjustments as needed.
  • Tracks metrics such as: net sales, avg. time, reply time, labor %, $ per man hour, late ticket %, and ticket count.

We are offering a FREE 30-day trial of online access to this revolutionary new tool!

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Flightware's My SONIC Stats
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